Vans combi getting a new surface. Work in progress. No more lumps.
from vans web


Eric D. for Grant's

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def leppard concert t-shirt from '87? never thought of them as a skate rock band, actually never considered them a band. check the truck base plates, nice.



here is a pic of cholo's being built back in 2004. you have seen tons of action pics well here is one of it in it's early stages. hot summer heat, tough dirt and warm beer. the crew at dreamland did an excellent job. red was the hardest working manual laborer i have ever witnessed. the bowl has held up nicely, with great sessions going down on the regular. the original plan for this bowl was only one third of the final size. things worked out for the best. thanks to the dreamland crew and the hawaii skate advocates who helped get this monster built.


one more

forgot to add this last pic of billy deans. he was part of the original crew in honolulu, now the he is the associate publisher of Skateboarder Magazine. back then he was a team rider for santa cruz skateboards, indy trucks & local motion. he still rolls & grinds today.

Golden Hawaii

resurfaced from the vaults:
plumeria bowl. the crew in the shallows. mike kotch (r.i.p.), weston, gibo, moblow "smiling" (years before his work in the sk8 industry, he was part of the crew), g.o. and ?

the general, hip attack. 1" of transition and 5 ' of vert - now you know.spider man tactics.

probably the best pool skater from hawaii ever, kale. yup that's an alva dave duncan model.

gdog tail block in a 4'deep tub on a dts fingers deck & hosoi rockets.

all pics: kirk m.(o.g. rhps member)


R.I.P. Biniak

bob "the bullet" biniak of the O.G. zephyr and d.t.s. teams recently passed on. rest in peace bullet, respects and blessings


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thread the needle. mr. mountain taking the path less taken.


HH exhibit

if you are in "the land of the rising sun" this week make sure to visit our good friends: Tsuyoshi and Jason's exhibit.


20 years ago ........

resurfaced from the vaults, a classic pic of the general b-side over the deathbox. this little kidney was located right next to the ocean and lasted a very very long time - 2 decades ago. man time flies by.
check the: rector gloves, alva shorts, cutter trucks & d.duncan deck.
ps - looks easy - NOPE. not every could hit this line - only the skilled. this pool was only four feet deep with 1 foot of transition.
-loyalty to the royalty.