hosoi at the diamond head egg. gary front row seat - in your face. pic. matt charlot

fletch - surf skate relate. rolled with us numerous times. hated surfers but was one of the best of his era. an original

there is only one master. obey the mighty d.p. acid drop in the middle of palm springs. pic: jgb

an ode to the gravy days of the 80's.


thank you

to all of those people who helped out with our shoe project and to the customers who are purchasing the shoe - big thanks from your brothers at the RHPS.



details - waffle grip

one last detail we forgot to add about our shoe is that we did an upgrade to the waffle sole. the original waffle sole is inverted, the usual Vans sole has the diamonds concave - look at the picture, the diamonds are convex. with this new upgrade you get a better grip on your board and the sole flexes easier. so overall - a better high quality performance shoe.

details details details.


Announcing: RHPS ltd. VANS Sk8 Mids

Untitled from Scott Kinsey on Vimeo.

this week our friends at Vans are releasing our long anticipated: Royal Hawaiian Pool Svc. Sk8-Mids. we have been: consumers, fans & team riders for vans decades deep. the general gary was one of the first to wear vans in hawaii back in the 70's. during his first visit to hawaii, tony alva forced gary to buy a pair of vans authentics to skate in - up until then gary was still skating barefoot. mad dog told gary that everyone wears shoes to skate in - so you have to buy vans if you wanna be up to speed with the new sport. in the 80's gdog rode for the van doren rubber company for years thanks to everett & beattle rosecrans. prior to that he got shoes from vision (i know cheesy), he switched up fast to vans. through the 90's and 2000's we bought vans because they were the only choice for the RHPS. yup - we are loyal to our staples: vans and indy.

Last year todd stanley from vans hit us up to do a limited collaboration - we quickly replied - hell yes. so we designed this shoe around our: style, colors and attitude. the materials are tough pig suede lowers, cordura nylon uppers (the industrial material they make backpacks with), the new duracap technology and of course the legendary o.g. waffle sole. They are light, comfortable and built to last. The little details we added are: extra lacing eyelets on the top three holes - for quick lacing and easy shoe removal, our main logos inside & outside and a little "shaka" side label ~ this is our "tip of the hat" to hawaii. trust us we designed these to break in fast so you can lace 'em up and start rippin' !

So check this video by our friend scott. it showcases videos, photos and designs from our vaults. old old old footage and pics dating back 35 years plus. featuring the usual suspects. music by honolulu's original 80's punk band S.R.O. the song "hawaii" - come on ~ gary's brother is in the band and it rules. the video is for promo use only.

these shoes are available at select core skate shops from coast to coast including our home: hawaii. will post up the complete shop listing soon.

*this shoe is dedicated to the pool riders around the world.

the O.G. pool service and the O.G. waffle sole.

artie's pool last stand

one of the long standing permission pools of honolulu is on it's last stand - it may be gone by now. the pool was a quality roman ender from the early 60's. Skated on and off for the last 6 years. the general found the pool during one of his many searches. the best part of this story is that he went up to the front gate and straight up asked to ride the pool. with no hesitation, artie gladly said yes and invited him to a bbq poolside!?! yup that is how cool the scene is / was. we were always respectful and helped paint his pool a few times.

thanks artie for your hospitality all of these years.

skated & destroyed