the general is back

after a little time out to heal up form his head injury back in december, the general gary is back on board. here he is charging a backside edger at the DD pool in hawaii. steep as they come, the general knows how to hit the lip. new equipmentfor 2012 - helmets for us. photo by: kent senatore.

rip it up


russ pope "guest artist" deck

we recently produced this stellar deck with our brother of the board: the legendary skate artiste ~ russ pope. he is a 100% skateboarder and his commitment to skating runs DEEP. he has worked and designed with some of the biggest brands out there BUT still chose to work with our small core brand. he approached us last year to do this great project - and we said "hell yea!" russ currently handles marketing over at vans, is a devoted family man and still finds time to paint and grind !

we have limited stock of this board in our brand new 8" cruizer shape and our Standard 9" pool shape. we upgraded our new 9" shape with a dual wheelbase at: 15" and 15.5". more custom options for ya. plus a large top deck print to highlight the project and all decks are signed. if you are interested in purchasing this special deck email us:

price is 58.00 (plus shipping). we ship worldwide!

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fingers murray "then & now"

gonzo's this year.
1987 thunder add - thrasher

old friend of the rhps aaron "fingers" murray f-side slash at the legendary and now defunt gonzales pool of west los. check the shots - same grind - same place. fingers still on top of his game from 1987 till today.
original dogtown local.


ps - new decks for sale very very soon.