flower pots and yellow jumpers

devo is one our favorites. the sounds of d-e-v-o were played during many a pool session. if you come across one of these toys (yeah i'm not one of those old nerd guy toy collector) i will trade you for some tees.


teacher pat: shallow stairs frontside carve-grind, oahu, hi.
the real deal, carving the stairs at your local park doesn't even compare.


m.v. - z

d.t. - hawaii connection. M.V. style carve @ the "y" pool. M.V. is a third generation z-boy from west l.a. who now resides on oahu, hi. a friend of ours for decades who always emphasizes power and style while rollin' on his 7-ply. an elder to many (oster, murray, jackson's, etc.) who has earned the respect of his elders. a lifelong art student of the bulldog/lowboy academy of deZign.
photo: h.m.

bare bones-less

our friend luke from australia sends us this stellar sequence of him doing a backside boneless @ the montego pool on the gold coast.
classic move - stay gold.
photo: d. adair



the general pictured above. taken a second too soon, but you get the point. classic move, vivid colors. gary blue tile.
photo: c.j.

rule #1: respect your skate spots.

glory bound

farmer - micro edger @ the guitar pick.
too close to call ....
photo: g.o.



the best pool skater EVER to emerge from the
hi. islands: k.s.
his natural talent and instinct to conquer any concrete bowl has set the benchmark for all to follow. no pool too steep, he has the "spider man" super power to climb anything. still on top of his game. original team: alva, cutter trucks, bikefactory, jams & h.s.p. our brother for decades.




the "chairman of the board"for venice, so. calif: jess the mess. dedication to skating and his community for decades. the new venice skate park to open in a few months thanks to him and his associates. the next generation of d.t. is on the uprise. fighting the good fight.


jj vans

someone sent these to us: jj signature vans. work/skate shoe for those who work with their hands. i like the notch back for comfort and the tough leather. go buy some, support jj. releasing???

the greek

jimmy the greek on the edge. picture perfect crail tap.


homegrown park passes

the d.i.y. skatepark "g-side" on oahu got dozed last week thurs. one of the most difficult and challenging concrete creatures is no more. thanks to the coronel pictured here and his crew for 4 years of great skate sessions. what's next? you know they have more designs planned for somewhere in the future.
photo: hank



it's that time again. turn off your computer and go skate. if you need a skate, hat or shirt buy one from us !


down under

our friend luke sends us these epic shots of his mates at the badhead pool on the sunshine coast, australia - circa 1987.

pools in oz !
their bowl and skate park scene is on the rise. will post more oz action in the future. thanks guys - cheers.
photos: toby

new product

new quality goods in. check out the store.


20 yrs. to date

june 2009, marks the 20 year anniversary of this timeless cover of Transworld. Featuring mr.g.o. and the captain at the legendary poi bowl. this pic is the a-typical hawaii image: sun, surf, sunburn, stupid...
photo: s. sherman

poi bowl, honolulu, hi. R.I.P.

walking with the dinosaurs.

the general checks in with this pic of him and his associates.
duane, sal, g.o.


skater smurfs turf

christian, team alva days. "pretty in pink" attire.
photo: b.k.

lohrman, acid drop.

no smoking in the pool.the o.g. combi. lester ollied this channel.

i think these are out for sale now. indy ashtray #4 ???? dedicated to the ORIGINAL deep and steep Pipeline Combi, looks like the vans replica. dawes said this might be the last one, better buy 'em up.
the upland pipline r.i.p.

is it skateable?

this was sent to us awhile back. don't know what it was made for, but if it ever fell down backwards it would be a pretty nice bowl. maybe 30 feet in diameter?


before & after

kapolei amoeba - work in progress '07


the master of the frontside slash.
did he make it???? look at his back truck
photo: k.s. aka:billy runaway


blue tile

thanks for stopping by, have a nice weekend.
turn off the computer and go skate.

hecho en hawaii

made in Hi. check the bird, its not an eagle, it's our state bird: nene goose.


black & white

layback air - with flair. K.K.
photo by: T.N.



no sellout - no posers. the future is unwritten.


Belt Buckle sample from 2007. We might be adding this to the next product line. 100% bronze, Made in the USA - no cheapo china deal.
Would you buy it? Let us know.
Shaka -


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style to burn

Christian Rosha Hosoi early 90's layback. You see tons of pics of him today doin' this stylish move in park pools, well here is the real deal. The Elvis of skating: many come close but there can only be one KING.
photo: ?



Points Cover. Custom made: 1 of 1. Maybe we will make these.
"Shaka and Destroy" by C.D.


scrambled eggs

W.N. - eggplant.
photo: 50-50



couldn't tell ya ....



K.K. - epic thruster. Look for his pro-model out now.
photo: t.n.


W.N. - Classic grind. Look for his pro-deck for sale now.
photo: g.o.


Eric Dressen "guest model" - pre order NOW.

Deck Art "mock up" above.

Glory Days.

Right now I am gathering up the orders for the very limited Eric Dressen "guest deck" model. This classic deck will be offered in 2 sizes: 8.25" and a custom 9" pool shape (pointy nose - square tail). Each deck will be silk screened the Old School way with our logo screened on the top of the deck.
If you know Eric, his style is timeless & legendary. The art and shapes are inspired by Dressen's life: Loyalty, Pride & Respect.

If you want to purchase one of these decks, please shoot us an email on our store page click the "Contact" icon. Hit us up with your name, deck size and contact info. No deposit required yet. But you better pay up when they are ready to roll out. PayPal only. Shipping World Wide.

Thank you.

photos: dressen archives