skurfs up !

salbra skurfin' the great east !

photo: farm boy


New Decks Coming Soon

summer decks 2010 coming very soon. plus we are re-opening our online store. stay tuned


venice on the halfshell

our brother: fingers murray with probably the best pic capturing the "main wall" action on the boardwalk of venice beach, so. califas. pure commitment and style. looks like he is almost carving / thrusting to hit the lip. hosoi "rockets" bra! we rode for the rockets team back in the day, speed wheels had the best formula. the locs held it down & the next generation is here on the same grounds. boyZ in the hood. get a day pass before you visit.

**** who is that homie on the top of the wall? it's one our own from hawaii - billy deans ! now working at skateboarder magazine - classic.



no rules.


this guy rips

tuck knee indy air from the ripper tatsuya. committed to skating 100%.
pic: thrasher


new team tiki decks

team tiki decks available for sale.
ride with the rhps


ratty vans

days of youth. we used to skate our vans or chuck taylors till our sox wore thin. this pic depicts most skaters "glory days." skated and destroyed. saving up your allowance and chore money to buy some new skate sneakers, today the spoiled mall rats have their mommies buying them 3 pairs every month. duct tape salvation.


W.N. sky high

rhps up up in the air! floatn' a huge ollie.