the general - backside attack in the land of salbasaurus-rex.



from the vaults the very first pool that we collaborated on "servicing" back in 1988. mission accomplished in the early hours on ulili st. on the south side of oahu. many many pools followed - work in progress. the rest is history ......

back in the day with rhps.


Rollin' in Munich

our buddies chris and crew sent these killer pics of them at their skatepark in munich, germany. pool coping, tiles and capsule full pipe.



get down - down under

our buddy luke in australia sends us this pic of him committed to a frontside handplant. note his tuck knee - style points.



Neptune Decks - a handful left for sale

we have a few of these neptune "new pool shape" decks for sale, the price now is $55.00 plus shipping. we ship worldwide. email us if you are interested and we will get back to you with shipping prices. contact our sales department at: royalhawaiianpoolservice@gmail.com
thanks for your support.

ps - new products coming soon.


Grant's - Damn good Stuff!

Our good friends over at Grant's Golden Brand Pomade make some of the BEST water-based pomade - ever. They are a small independent brand that focuses only on putting quality and style first. We have watched their brand grow this past year and they have done a supreme job at attracting the right consumer. From the suit and tie Wall Street/clean cut gentleman, slicked back vintage car & chopper guy AND to the skateboarder who knows how to roll with style Grant's has got you covered. These gents & grinders featured in the pics SUPPORT Grant's Golden Brand, you should TOO (if you have hair). Our friends Cabbie to J.Jessee use the pomade so, stop on by their web and buy a tin or two. We use the pomade daily.

Shaka with Style


support stance support

our old old friend ryan kingman from the south side of oahu, hi. sent over a "box of sox" from his new brand: STANCE. most of you know ryan from his decade plus involvement with element, the rhps' history with kingman harkens back to: animal chin wallows missions, grommet grinds, canfor masonite mania, palolo ramp rippin', moke awareness and pre-adolescent beer sneaks. he was there for some of our first pool missions - we go back.

ryan is now heading up the marketing force for stance along with a great crew of visionaries. along for the ride is our old friends j. jessee & duane peters endorsing the brand. from the basic to the avant garde - stance fits nice and ranks high on the comfy meter. plus they dry pools - key feature for us.

all the best to r.k. and his new ventures. no go buy some stance socks bra!

royal hawaiian pool svc.
est. 1988


ride the best

limited indy poster.

jeff grosso new add, one of the best adds in a long time. beware of the "mothra"

169mm & vans mid cut - no sox.

the RHPS rides the best - "INDY PRIDE"

the General - 2003

s-lap over in the gummy bowl

the one and only "G-Aerial"
klammath falls, OR. 2003


RHPS Motel

new business ventures for 2011?comes complete with empty pool on the beach ........ just kiddin'


west side respect

hawaii sent the ground swell of style and raw energy to spark the dogtown movement in the mid 70's. you know the story: larry bert revert, dane, louis, buttons, etc. not only did they break down doors like rabbit bartholomew, they created an underground uprise. following their lead the cats of dogtown chopped their planks and attacked the water and concrete with their custom weapons.

the hawaii / d.t. connection runs generations deep. there was and still is a mutual respect for one another. two communities who shared the same radical lifestyle. in both communities if you didn't have a proper intro, you sat on the sidelines and watched. the venice homies had our red carpet and vice versa. we were invited to ride with them in the best pools of west los, paddle out at the breakwater and they were given the same love. locals respecting locals, like i said - a generations deep connection.

in the mid 80's, another chapter of the venice / d.t. brotherhood arose: the infamous MSA - "Mexican Surf & Skate Association." the roster included a "who's who" of the local venice o.g. rippers and upcoming talent. ALL members were proud mexican american rippers. headed by our old & dear friends: Block (skate president) and Juandie (surf president). the boys ruled the lineup at the breakwater and held court at the notorious vsa ramp and of course the legendary shredding at the venice pavilion & boardwalk. the MSA movement lives on today at the new venice skatepark and in the lineup at the breakwater. the next generation is on the uprise. srf-skt relate.

respects to the MSA, our brothers of the board.

one of the best

vans gave me this sticker years back, one the best ever! now they need to make a "don't get hipster" sticker. cheers to the o.g. waffle sole shoe co.

ps - happy new beers.