Alva for Owens

skateboarder magazine feb.1977 issue. featuring the highly anticipated first interview with tony alva. 1977: punk rock & pool ripping

page 40 in alva's interview. check the highlighted section, below is the close up.

alva called it, the general himself - gary owens impressed mad dog! click on the image for a close up image. you want roots, our roots run deep in skate history. over 30 years in the trenches of core hawaii skating.

history lesson.


r.i.p. - field of dreams pool

after 6 years the pool got buried. get the shovels ready. the story is not over .............

part 2

f-side grind from the same session from the one and only el zipper.


diamond head, hawaii

back in 1988, we were blessed with maria's pool. this pool sat on a multi-million dollar lot at the foot of diamond head. we found the pool filled with debris and some water, the troops were called in to clean it and remove the huge coping. those enlisted for duty were: gibo, the general gary, gdog, moblow, soblow, mike koch, a visiting dave hackett & jonny ray and more in tow. a decent egg pool in one of the most coveted neighborhoods in hawaii.
pictured above is a lean-mean skating machine named jesse martinez who was visiting with zipper from venice beach. known for his pioneering street moves he took to the pool like the rest - raw. check the pic closer - slob grab frontside grind stylish, riding on his brand new debut model from sma/world industries, soon after to be called world industries, bla bla bla and rest is history as they say.

history lesson.


Cab for Grant's

legendary vert shredder stevie cab for:
Grant's Golden Brand Pomade

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