7 ply guest - coming soon

t. farmer old old friend of the rhps will be get his limited guest deck soon. a life long srf to skt lifer from the left & now the right coast always rides with power & style. rated as one of the best in the backyards by us, kessler, salbra, and many. an honor to do this plank. offered in a few sizes. very limited in the usa and exclusively distributed by felem in japan.

just a sneak peak of part of the 7 ply art. lovely day ......


kenzi kills it

felem had their year end blow out the other day. old friends, new friends, cold beer, sake and some good ol' ripping went down. cheers to the crew. wish we were there. happy holidaze.


stoker hill ditch 1988

probably the BEST ditch in hawaii - stoker hill. a memorable session from 1988, featuring the "usual suspects" : block, gibo, oster, jeff anderson, holmes, klyne, moblow, gdog. i believe we were filming for jimmy'z and hawaiian moving company that day.
photo: matt c.


shallow attack

the general g.o. attacks the shallow end. notice the big coping, man size blocks.


Chop Shop pt.2

greetings from shinji and masa from hamans chop shop in japan. they: produce some excellent vintage bikes, old school skaters, friends of yoshi "the slasher" and are supporters of the RHPS.
kampai and cheers, thanks for the pics.


boneless one

mr. mountain having fun in his backyard. ruling.
not sure who took the pic, excellent still life.


palm springs

one of the great pools of yesteryear. we rode it first back in the summer of '88 and it was 117 degrees.