merry x-mas & happy new years!

friends thanks for all of your support this year. keep on rippin' the pools and barkin' the coping loud. seasons grindings.



new york sightings

d-box hit up - rhps
roslyn pool, new york - rhps east coast sightings
our team
100% pool skater tee, wear 'em OR use them to clean the pools.
pics submitted by: chris v.



the general

photo: bjorn

last week the general had a bad accident at the north shore banzai skate park. he was doing a backside roll in and spun out and cracked his head. he received a bad skull fracture - luckily he is doing better and out of his few day stay at the hospital. he says thanks for sending him positive vibes and well wishes.

on that note as we get radical on our decks the last thing we think about is an accident like gary's. so why not wear a helmet for protection? for decades we were too cool to wear helmets, avoided the park police when it was mandatory to wear helmets and thought we were in-destructable. until now, it's time to play it safer. we are not preaching - "to each his own" - but a topic to think about.

we already have enough brain damage so why get more - keep your dome safe.

ps - anyone wanna sponsor us a few helmets? .............


grant's golden brand - new stuff

our good friends over at grant's golden brand sent over some of the best pomade. this is their latest addition to their line: Medium Blend. check it out: quality hold, easy to style, washes out in the shower and the BEST part - check out the scent name"Royal Hawaiian." support this brand.

perfect for looking good on and off of your board.

thanks grant's.


hawaii then & now

scott foss "tube time" at mellows/haihaone valley

og z-boy wentzle rumel dirt spray at stoker hill. mix & match vans with original t&c tee

the new lahaina, maui park

grindline at work in west maui

old to the new in paradise.