haugo doing a crucial f-side christie from back in the day. did he make it ????

balls to the wall!


jj guest deck

have a few of these left from old stock for sale. collect 'em or grip & rip 'em. email if you are interested: royalhawaiianpoolservice@gmail.com




our friend luke in australia sent these rad pics of him shreddin' a jj neptune deck. looks like these pics are straight out of 1988.
photos by creeper.



mr. pope

b-side boneless at schmitt's compound on a rhps wataru deck. photo: c. hultz

chilli'n at the infamous buena vista pool

friend of the RHPS: the legendary skate artist Russ Pope rippin' it up on rhps gear. check the b-side boneless on the wataru smoking tiki deck - radical. for most skaters the name russ pope stands strong and long with his work with numerous skate brands. mr. pope started out in the industry as the TM for sma and soon after started creature at nhs. over the years his art has appeared on numerous decks and tees. recently russ has done cool sox designs for stance (marketing man - ryan kingman at stance is our brother) and now he heads up the marketing of vans men's apparel.

on the horizon - look for a very limited collaboration with russ and the rhps. trust us this one will be one of the best. available at a shop NOT near you - we will keep you posted.

long live the creative minds