The weekend is here. Count your blessings and go for a roll with your friends. enjoy.
photo: m.i.

first tee

Our original co. name was G & G Pool Service. It was our take on Tom Inouye's - I.P.S. (inouye pool service) made famous from SkateBoarder Magazine in the late 1970's. In early 1988, we made this spray-painted/stenciled shirt - no money to afford screen printing. This shirt was made in 5 minutes, little did we know that this "hobby" would evolve and expand. In the Spring of '88, the co. morphed into the present brand name - RHPS. We thank you for your support through the years.

**** i found this tee buried a few years back in a bag of old moldy '80s skate tees. forgot all about it. funny thing is this shirt is a jimmy'z tee flipped inside out, like i said we had no money ....



run to the hills.
photo: T.N.


d.p. - m.o.d. Power carve @ the North Shore, Hawaii park. School is in session kids - stand back.
photo: g.o.

plaid pants, cargo van and it's time to dance.

duane rocking the G.G. - RHPS shirt. arrrggghhhh...........


Eric Dressen - Guest Deck !!!!

Yup, Eric D. is on board for a "guest model." Here is a pic of his graphic - our splash page was designed off of his deck art. "Pools Por Vida" - O.G. Slow & Low '39 Chevy art. We will be offering his board in 2 sizes: 8.25" and 9" pool shape (a new custom shape in the works). Only a limited number of these will be made. Silk screened the Old-Classic style. We ship world wide. Check back for the release date !!!!

built to grind

nothing like a perfectly worn in indy truck.
lock in and grind.


far east friends

Thank you for your support. Keiji, Yuji and Hamans from the far east sends us these nice pics. shaka


oster slash

Scotty Oster - front slash'n wall ride. "Surf to Skate" was our way of life back then. still is. Oster had some of the most stylish grinds ever, G-turns too. I heard from Eric D. that Scotty healed up from his hip surgery and is skating 110%. DTS-3rd.Generation.

early 1960's - stay gold.

Some one sent me these years ago. They are scans of old post cards from Hawaii. The pic above is from the Holiday Inn by the airport. Huge kidney. Still there.

The pic above is from the Kauai Inn. Check it out - "heart" shaped pool. These images look like they are still life pics taken from Hawaii 5-0.



Some beer mugs we made in 2005. Will be making more in the near future. made out of plastic so you can't break them.
Primo beer not included.

hawaiian punch

This is a classic take on the old Hawaiian Punch juice from the '70s. One of our friends made this for us years back. Soon to be a new tee? Hit us back and let us know your feedback, if we get enough positive votes - we might run it.
**** note, beer drawn in - not juice. bucket bail time & dig the ghetto blaster too.


here today & gone ..........

Guest Deck from 2006. Sold out instantly - only 100 made.


Crail Tap = Crap. 2 classic shots of 2 rippers. Wataru and Greek on the edge.



One of the great pools from the '80s. The Star Fish, roman-ender. 9' deep & corner airs - yes. It's still there.


Rogerio sends us these epic pics from Brazil. Rogerio pictured above getting a nice front side grind at the Classe D pool. I think I saw a pic of D.P. skating here a few years back. If this is the pool it is huge - looked like a big and deep resort pool.
photo by: paulo sergio

Here is their new bowl: Ultra Pool. Complete with: stairs, light, loveseat, d-box, tiles and it even connects to another bowl which looks like a cradle. Check the pic below, look how the 2 bowls connect with the "wave" sidewall - nice.
photos: diorandi nagao

Thanks Rogerio and the boys. Looks like you guys have a strong skate scene. Send us more pics in the future. If you got some good backyard pics, shoot them over - we might just post you up.



one more friend

can't forget j.j.

more pics of our friends

if you got a ripping pic of you skating in one of our tees, send it on in and we will post you up. if you don't have one of our shirts better head to our store and get one.


Cheers, It's Friday

Enjoy tonight with a cold beer and a great skate movie.

- RHPS "shaka fahka"


Yup, he finally made the cover: Mr. G.O.(above) landed the coveted Surfer Magazine Cover. To hit the stands - never.

Following in the footsteps of his oldest brother Bobby who landed the same cover spot back in the '70s.

Pictured above is pre-pro Bobby sidewalk surfin'.

Bobby went on to become a BIG TIME pro surfer. Pictured above is one of his pro models from Bolt. He even got the nickname: Mr. Sunset Beach.

Not to be left out is there other brother Chris. Seen here above: grinding the ORIGINAL DOG BOWL.

**** all 3 brothers rip. 'nuff said.


Long Live the King

From 2007, our collab with Black Label/Emergency. Right when this deck was released they put up this Elvis statue in Honolulu. Had to take this photo opp. Our buddy Scott drew this version of the King, we called this deck the H'Ellvis model. The deck came with custom LaMar tail cut away wings.

RHPS - "Shaka and Destroy"

Summer is almost here

The weather is warming up ....... time to bust out the slippers. Our friend made these for us, maybe we will make these for sale. Would you buy them? Hit us back with some feedback.


Corner Pocket

Steve sent us this pic a little while ago. Classic Salba "slob air."
Upland's Finest.

Bast from the Past

Our "Brother from Another Mother" - Billy Deans lapping the loose blocks in the shallow end at the Dot 1988. Billy now lives in So. Calif with his wife & twin babys and works at the Original mag - Skateboarder Magazine handling editorial and events biz.
In the background are: S. Gibo, Mike Koch, Steve Shelton and I believe Dustin checking the action.
photo by: the infamous Mr.G.O.


100% Quality Goods

We put time & effort into producing top quality products for YOU.
Loyalty, Pride & Respect.


The Doc

I had to put up this pic. Rick Blackhart @ the Punk Pool 1982. Epic action shot - front side power carve grinder through the corner pocket.
*** if you look close, his front truck is taking all of the weight. Jam that front foot in and pray you don't wheel bite.

you know he made it, it's the doc ...........