new old tiles

the general checks in with the new old tile pool. location: nope
cheers - rhps



3 of our brothers out east. kenzi - the boss of osaka, tsuyoshi - boss of japan and wataru - boss of tokyo. you wanna skate good stuff in japan - roll with the best. cheers.


Merry XMas !

have a good one this year with you and yours.
don't forget to grind.



more n.y. pics of the general

frontside pocket grinder.

rollin' central park.

p.m. revisited

original animal chin searcher - lance mountain. perfect frontside grind on the hip at the infamous pink motel. lance gets better with time.
photo: mrz

far East Coast SUPPORT

our friends matz and yoshi check in with some winter/indoor pics. riding some of our latest decks. rhps support


New Decks for $ale

just arrived the new & improved gdog/neptune decks for sale. a tribute to our old friend j.jessee - based on his o.g. deck art w/a hawaiian twist. printed in metallic gold and gloss black and yes it is screen printed the traditional way. specs are 8.8" wide, 32.8" long, 15.3" wheelbase. it rides real nice with a perfect concave - not too radical. a perfect width (for those who like to ride 8.5" - 9" decks)for the bowl riders, a "punk point" style nose and money bumps for grabbing the rail. a very limited run, the price is: 60.00 us dollars plus 15.00 us domestic shipping or 35.00 international shipping (all shipping usps priority mail). SHIPPING WORLD WIDE to: europe, japan the rest of asia, south america, australia, etc....
email us if you want one at: royalhawaiianpoolservice@gmail.com

respects to j.j., jim p. and the red dot for your inspiration!


the general checks in

the general frontside at arties. one of the best roman end pools, 5 years up and running. photo:peter

backside wheeler in the shallow corner pocket. the general visited NYC for his b-day. pool courtesy of t.farmer and pic courtesy: t.n.

yup there are pools in nyc!

grip it art

our friend ryan did this gonz grip art. looks great - back to the future.


In4mation Limited Tee

our good friends In4mation in Honolulu, just released these limited collaboration with the RHPS. available in white or black, and yup that is a pocket tee! head on into their 3 shops to buy one or buy one online from them.

shakas to In4.


Venice Park 1 year Anniverasry

pics coming soon...........


Alva for Owens

skateboarder magazine feb.1977 issue. featuring the highly anticipated first interview with tony alva. 1977: punk rock & pool ripping

page 40 in alva's interview. check the highlighted section, below is the close up.

alva called it, the general himself - gary owens impressed mad dog! click on the image for a close up image. you want roots, our roots run deep in skate history. over 30 years in the trenches of core hawaii skating.

history lesson.


r.i.p. - field of dreams pool

after 6 years the pool got buried. get the shovels ready. the story is not over .............

part 2

f-side grind from the same session from the one and only el zipper.


diamond head, hawaii

back in 1988, we were blessed with maria's pool. this pool sat on a multi-million dollar lot at the foot of diamond head. we found the pool filled with debris and some water, the troops were called in to clean it and remove the huge coping. those enlisted for duty were: gibo, the general gary, gdog, moblow, soblow, mike koch, a visiting dave hackett & jonny ray and more in tow. a decent egg pool in one of the most coveted neighborhoods in hawaii.
pictured above is a lean-mean skating machine named jesse martinez who was visiting with zipper from venice beach. known for his pioneering street moves he took to the pool like the rest - raw. check the pic closer - slob grab frontside grind stylish, riding on his brand new debut model from sma/world industries, soon after to be called world industries, bla bla bla and rest is history as they say.

history lesson.


Cab for Grant's

legendary vert shredder stevie cab for:
Grant's Golden Brand Pomade

support the like minded.


Genreral Gary's Tour

Hawaii skate tour coming soon. I will see you there to skate, bring your families. Special art presentation by me - Gary O.
Free event to all!


NOS JJ decks for sale

just dug out a pile of these limited jj "guest decks." highly collectable and one very cool deck. need to sell them to pay bills.

shipping worldwide! US Postal "priority mail": $15 for domestic US shipping and $35 for international shipping.brand new in the original shrink wrap.
if you want one email: royalhawaiianpoolservice@gmail.com


the new in hawaii - top secret

the coronel and crew are at it again. secret spot, don't ask where it is. don't know. build your skate spot. lets hope this one lasts !
g-side rules.

the new g-side hawaii

check the action by b.s.


skurfs up !

salbra skurfin' the great east !

photo: farm boy


New Decks Coming Soon

summer decks 2010 coming very soon. plus we are re-opening our online store. stay tuned


venice on the halfshell

our brother: fingers murray with probably the best pic capturing the "main wall" action on the boardwalk of venice beach, so. califas. pure commitment and style. looks like he is almost carving / thrusting to hit the lip. hosoi "rockets" bra! we rode for the rockets team back in the day, speed wheels had the best formula. the locs held it down & the next generation is here on the same grounds. boyZ in the hood. get a day pass before you visit.

**** who is that homie on the top of the wall? it's one our own from hawaii - billy deans ! now working at skateboarder magazine - classic.



no rules.


this guy rips

tuck knee indy air from the ripper tatsuya. committed to skating 100%.
pic: thrasher


new team tiki decks

team tiki decks available for sale.
ride with the rhps


ratty vans

days of youth. we used to skate our vans or chuck taylors till our sox wore thin. this pic depicts most skaters "glory days." skated and destroyed. saving up your allowance and chore money to buy some new skate sneakers, today the spoiled mall rats have their mommies buying them 3 pairs every month. duct tape salvation.


W.N. sky high

rhps up up in the air! floatn' a huge ollie.


east coast action

pics from the east from our man with the plan: farmer. pic above: screaming lord SalBRA hitting the deathbox in the jungles of long island, ny. beware of the monsters lurking in the pool water.

hollywood, not L.A. but florida. looks like your typical honolulu pit.

another classic shot of SALbra on vacation from the badlands cracking a f-side grind deep in the east. yup the backyard brotherhood "coast to coast." summer is here, go find yours !

Thanks Farmboy for the pics.

ps - on a side note, new decks real soooon !


read it

came out a few years back, worth taking a peak at if you haven't yet.
clash by the clash. west way to the world.


kenzi back in the day

our team rider from osaka - kenzi k. classic shot of him killing the streets in low top chuck taylors, bandana & top buttoned flannel - SUIcidal stylee. kenzi is tough as nails when he skates. history

tail tap

old school friend and team mate - scotty o. classic tail tap, pool staple move. yo jimmy'z! dya glo attire, we were on the team and wore pink pants in the pools.



fritz coy, mad dog, tony blue tile - call him what you will - there is only one T.A. front side slap at senor gonzales' pool of west los.


wayback layback

our homie air-dog fingers murray. dts add in thrasher. glory days on the venice beach boardwalk. fingers rockin': dt deck, rocket wheels, thunder trucks, chuck t's, pegged 501's, flat top from masao and a drunk injuns tee - style & aggression on the half shell.