don't get hipster.

please obey the rules of the pool.


New Decks For Sale

we have two new decks: kenzi beer tiki and wataru smokin' tiki in stock for sale. available in our new "standard" 9" pool shape. the price for a deck: $54.00 plus shipping. we ship domestic and internationally. if you want one email us: royalhawaiianpoolservice@gmail.com

thanks for your support


surf - skt - slash

the classic "hacky-wacky" by the one and only D.H.

b-side attack by oster. pic: block

hosoi doing his masonite slash.

i remember an old conversation with scotty oster back in 1989, we were discussing the anatomy of a "slash." it was hands down agreed upon that you had to be a surfer to understand the body language and emulation of riding a surfboard. the slash was to represent you hitting the lip of a wave - in doing so contorting your body and board in a high style fashion. back then this style was prominent with the heavy dt/hawaii surf/skt connection, dating back to larry bert & his gang. scotty said he always tried to copy the zipper head backside bert slash, and i said i tried to emulate the hackett frontside attack. these were the 2 finest examples of the srf skt slash. and if you did this move in a pool - you were the king. who had this style? - you know the players. surf the earth as we used to say......



the standard

we have been in the lab working on: new shapes, designs, art, accessories, etc.....
one thing that we have fine tuned for the summer is our new 9" pool shape. we finally have a perfect blend of specs to share with you: "The Standard" RHPS Pool Shape. it's a hybrid of our classic pool decks of the past with the input of the one and only "the general gary." if you liked his last shape this one is very similar with cleaner lines.

so here it is after months of r&d in the pools. the standard deck: 9"/33.25"/15.5" wb. available soon here online and in-stores.

ride the best - rhps "da good wood"