salbra trucks

forgot to add sal has his own signature trucks like dp. the legends' built to grind custom trucks. trucks releasing any day.......

indy pride


congratulations jason

tws "legend" awarded last week to our old friend: j.jessee.
congratulations homey - you deserve it.
*ruling picture.

rip it up


the crew

the boys skating in brazil, japan ? it's a secret spot ......
shakas to wataru, kenzi and tsuyosh !



indy pride pt.2

just saw this add from 2011 for the first time. looks like i made the team add (barely). built to grind - ride the best

rhps pride

indy pride

yup - the long wait has ended. indy has re-released their infamous 159mm trucks. if you are like us who grew up riding the og 159's - you have been waiting for them to remake these guys. we have been using the 149's with extra washers just to get the right length, not anymore.

praise indy for the rebirth of the 159mm. and what better way to relaunch it than with these signature DP colorway! grab a set and bark hard.

respects to rhino and all of the past team managers who have taken care of us.


r.i.p. gonzales pool

mad dog 1977

harts alva add

the legendary king of pools has seen it's last day. the one and only gonzales pool had it's last session yesterday. on and off for over 30 years the pool is no more. decades of world class shredding in the backyard of senior gonzales (featured on old tv shows: cisco kid, etc.). gonzo's was popularized by classic pics of ray flores and alva busing his "first" f-side airs over the blazing fire coping. other memorable images was of hackett's jimmy'z add slashing the hip wall upside down and oster's d-box indy add in the 80's. in the 90's were rare sessions with murray, m.v., raskell and crew. long live the memory of gonzo's !