S.Alba "Q&A" with the RHPS

thrasher cover at the notorious dolphin pool.

recent pic - backside slash over the d-box. photo: mrz

Today we are spotlighting our old bud S.Alba aka: Salba Saurus Rex, Screamin' Lord, and our personal Hawaiian knick name "SalBra" in a short "Q&A." His dedication to skating spans 35 years plus - how long have you been in the pools? In our books Steve is the #1 pool skater. Why you ask? - He has been doing it the longest and has never stopped searching and maintaining the backyards of the Badlands and beyond. It takes a lot more in our books to show up and rip a pool to be considered a pool skater. Cheers to Steve and his dedication to the pool lifestyle.

1. What makes a TRUE pool skater?

Somebody who dedicates his/her life to finding and riding backyarders!

2. What's your take on all of these new parks that are replications of backyard pools?

I do like some of them but it is really hard to replicate anything let alone a real backyard.

3. What is your all time favorite backyard pool and who are your all time favorite backyard pool skaters?

Fave pool would be Collossus.....Dolphin Pool......Orangewod was really good....the Driftwood trailer park in h.b where they built the new Hilton was super killer! Fave pool sk8ers would be John Swope, Farmboy, Adam 12, Lance Mountain...Adam Morgan and Screech.

4. Let us know what is going on today in the life of S.A. (pools, projects, family, etc).

Today was Rileys (youngest son) 14 b-day so I took him and his buddies all skating after school......then went for a quick surf while they rolled at hurley werehouse ...then took em to costa mesa park then bought him b-day dinner at In-n-Out burger!

5. Give us a memorable story from the "glory days" of the Santa Cruz team era.

D.P. and Olson were at Big-O when George Orton rode for S/C,we asked Georger why he was on S/C? And then we gave him sooooo much shit for not being punk enough we made him cry in frustration.

6. Words of advice for skaters of this era. Expand on how you were able to have a lifelong career and lifestyle of grinding.

Work out and keep yourself fit by running,jogging,surfing,riding a bike,yoga and stretching.......

7. Last question: what was your best line in a pool and why?

Every pool is different so that means lines are always different too! That is why you crave old pools from the past.....

Thanks Steve, keep rippin' & inspiring the pool skaters of the universe.


the badlands BEST.

Congratulations to our brother Salbra on being awarded the prestigious:
TWS "Legend" Award: Steven Alba
50 years old and never slowing down.
- long live the screamin' lord steven

- rhps


the wizard of OZ

here are some pics of our buddy luke from the land down under on one of our recent decks. he is a rippin' & clippin' pool skatin' barber ! we are proud to announce that luke and crew will be reppin' and sellin' the rhps in australia. right on mr. newman!

rhps - worldwide.
- shaka mate


new rhps goods on the way

new stuff on the way: decks & tees.
deck shapes in assd sizes including our brand new 9" custom pool shape.
sorry for the lag, we are on "hawaiian time"
releasing june 2011

thanks for your patience & support


the best

kale sandridge hands down is the best pool skater to emerge from hawaii. he has been rolling with us since day one. he has the natural talent to climb the steepest pools, grind huge coping and bust huge airs on a dime. on top of that he is a master of seeking and finding the lines. decades of ruling the pool. throw him in the mix with today's young gun pool rippers he will hold his own. cheers to our brother kale.

check these pics by the captain: one of his trademark moves "backside smith stall" he would hang these for days.