dosen't get ant better than this.


peter d.

peter from omsa ripping it up at the recent contest at malmo in sweden.
he is representin' with an rhps indy pride tee (not for sale).


del mar

the del mar skate ranch, toy pool?
for all you kids and big kids.
the "wally inouye" pool lives on. this was the small kidney designed by wally that was located behind the keyhole. pretty good park pool that rode quick.

available at your local k-mart.



shaka fahka,
from the islands.


The Original Royal Hawaiian Pool

back in 1987, we rode the legendary royal hawaiian pool on the sandy shores of waikiki beach. as our luck would have it, we stumbled upon it during the night. so we grabbed our decks and rolled. that session included the o.g. rhps crew, salba and mondo. soon after we were given the name rhps. this is the pool our name was created from. it still sits in perfect condition under the palm trees.
a few years ago, tony hawk featured this pool in his "underground" game. so now you know.
photo: captain


baby paul cullen

one of the original z-boys just past away recently. baby paul cullen was the youngest of the crew and was given the endearing name "baby paul." his early friedman pics are legendary. rest in peace brother. sending prayers to you and your family.



the general, circa 1990.
photo: m.c.



the original skater's beer. quantity NOT quality.

k.k. pro deck 2007

we dig this photo, k.k. inspects his first pro model from RHPS.
too drunk .....
photo: t.n.



skateboarder magazine and early thrasher's were our connection to the thriving scene in so. calif. the one park that made a huge impact on us was marina skate park, the home park for dogtown. it only lasted a few years but those images are burned in our brains. many legends called this place home, you know them. even ivan hosoi: christian's dad managed the park at one time and allowed punk shows to happen in the bowls - the circle jerk's group sex album cover was shot in the dogbowl.the dogbowl even had speakers built in the walls so music would jam while you rode (check the music notes on the artwork). as a kid in the summer of '79 i sat on the fences and watched alan gelfland unveil his new trick : "the ollie."
shit i'm old....

so this shirt was made back in 2004 by k.j.to pay tribute to marina del rey skate park located off of the l.a.90 hwy. rumor has it that the clay bowls still exist buried in dirt.
in a few months the venice skate park will open and the next generation of d.t enters the history books.

blatant localism

funny sticker mocking the old "hawaiian punch" drink.
pacific palm tree paradise anyone?


twilight tweak slob - air @ culver city.
photo: l.l.

100% Skateboarder.


high voltage

we got some inquiries as to what our logo is/means.
look at the pictures and process it.
if you don't understand, you never will.


buckets brigade pt.2

time to work. no one rides for free.

mini dressen

eric dressen, 30 year plus sk8 veterano. skateboarder magazine late 1970's, team alva.
and you thought you were old school.


skate rock pt.2

sticker from cab 1984. came with his old zine.
the faction: san jose's finest.

cheers, have a good weekend.

style to burn pt.2

1990 - tuff skts worldwide. that's what christian preached this day 19 years ago. he ended his ties with nhs and launched his new brand with vision. bo ikeda and sergie v. still as his posse.

this is the small and tight hau bush pool,
south shore, oahu. the coping was huge and grippy.
did holmes have a problem with it ...... nope.
come on - look at this backside slash.

photos: g.o.


hackett slash

from the vaults of my moldy shirt collection: jimmy'z d.h. shirt. david @ the legendary gonzo pool of west los. hack had the best front-side slash in the game. yeah i know they made some bright, funky spandex clothes - but hey it was the 80's.
this shirt is probably the best one they ever made.

and yes, we were on the jimmy'z team but we ain't posting no pics of us in spandex.


the general with a backside hip attack @ the bridgebowl. you gotta think fast, that transition is quick.


senior gonzales

gonz art.
looks like a zig-zagger lowrider w/cross up caps.
will post some original pieces he did in hawaii from over a decade ago soon. his unique - original take on hawaii. one of skating's most creative minds: m.g.

buckets brigade

you gotta pay your dues to roll. no one rides for free in the RHPS. far east coast brigade.
photo: t.n.



snake run. new 'crete popping up everywhere.
photos: m.i.

skurfs up

the general, concrete waves.


#1 skate rocker

the boss of bass, the king of rock: t.n.
coming to your town soon.
photos: prg

combi corner

sal-bra corner power carve @ the combi bowl 2009. skating on his o.g. "bevel" model from 1981. representin' an RHPS sticker below the thrasher one.
upland's finest: the mosquito bandito

jump ramp'n

k.k. f-side boneless transfer ramp to ramp @ prg jam/contest.

w.n. backside air transfer !

photos: prg


1977 brigade

some said they were: the only band that mattered. we agree they were/are one of the greatest. new RHPS product in development, inspired by these guys.
know your rights.


w.n. hand plant @ chevy bowl. this is a d.i.y. park from the late 1970's.
photo: t.n.