east coast action

pics from the east from our man with the plan: farmer. pic above: screaming lord SalBRA hitting the deathbox in the jungles of long island, ny. beware of the monsters lurking in the pool water.

hollywood, not L.A. but florida. looks like your typical honolulu pit.

another classic shot of SALbra on vacation from the badlands cracking a f-side grind deep in the east. yup the backyard brotherhood "coast to coast." summer is here, go find yours !

Thanks Farmboy for the pics.

ps - on a side note, new decks real soooon !


read it

came out a few years back, worth taking a peak at if you haven't yet.
clash by the clash. west way to the world.


kenzi back in the day

our team rider from osaka - kenzi k. classic shot of him killing the streets in low top chuck taylors, bandana & top buttoned flannel - SUIcidal stylee. kenzi is tough as nails when he skates. history

tail tap

old school friend and team mate - scotty o. classic tail tap, pool staple move. yo jimmy'z! dya glo attire, we were on the team and wore pink pants in the pools.



fritz coy, mad dog, tony blue tile - call him what you will - there is only one T.A. front side slap at senor gonzales' pool of west los.


wayback layback

our homie air-dog fingers murray. dts add in thrasher. glory days on the venice beach boardwalk. fingers rockin': dt deck, rocket wheels, thunder trucks, chuck t's, pegged 501's, flat top from masao and a drunk injuns tee - style & aggression on the half shell.



indy ashtray - burnside

the new one came out, dedicated to the park that sparked it all. and birthed 2 of the greatest skate park building crews: dreamland and grindline.



got a back yard and some $$$. d.i.y.


still one of our favorite pics - w.n. lapped.


P-Motel !

no intro needed.




M.O.D. - Hawaiian Style. May 2010

the "master of disaster" sighting at the banzai park, hi. there is only one guy who points his finger like that when rolling.
photo: indy/nhs


Thrasher 1986

great issue when the crew rolled through town. we set up a renegade demo and ripped all the local spots including tommy G. on the cover!
who was there: the gonz, gator, rocco, cabbie, roskopp, hosoi and crew were there to represent. who ripped the hardest that day?
animal chin of course.


Label Lucero

an old s.stix add of our buddy john with a classic tail tap @ the orange bowl 1987. glory days with black labels' guru. time flies by..... but the label lives. the art on his board is still in production.


lone star, usa

we posted this up a few years back but had to share it again. one of a kind pool from the great state of texas. i like the pocket on the bottom.


dread at the control

one of the early videos dedicated to pool skating:Alva boyz "Backyard Annihilation." some good pool ripping with the dread crew, during the posse's golden era. edited with some weird acid trip effects but you get the point = pools. available on vhs.


W.N. Team RHPS !

our team rider wataru @ the lost skate park. perfect back smith grind on the sharp edge. one of the best parks built, circa 1979. somewhere in the mountains of nowhere. go find your own, RHPS dominates.
photo: thrasher


slide view

classic pic of old bro: david "mondo" beck @ the legendary gonzales pool of west los. another stylish pic of the beast from the east.

some mondo history:
was an original cherry hill skatepark local, he helped build the park as a teenager. he has the best "surf-skate" style in the book, and he is from new jersey. he was alva's main art guy for a greater part of the 80's. he was responsible for creating the art for eddiegies' and hosoi's alva decks. and you remember all of those crazy airbrush decks and add's: they were all his creations.

mondo has been living in the mountains of waimanalo, oahu for a few decades. timeless style


The General's "pics of the week"

above, back yard pool rippin' in japan. taq fujioka! look closely, those guys die hards, no transitions.

3 clay wheel shredders: the general, master of disaster and zipper on the n-shore of hawaii. handsome gent's.