long live andy

vans just released their andy kessler syndicate shoes in memory of our brother. wear them with pride.


brick it

natural terrain found in Florida. the corner pocket looks fun.
photo submitted by: t.f.


Farmer !!!!

Tony Farmer "guest model" out now !!!!!
4 sizes to choose from: 8", 8.25", 8.5" & 9" pool shape.
Lovely Lovely Day ....


on the edge late 80's

stacey gibo powerfully pushing his weight through a f-side grind.
one of the greatest pics in my book from the era of hawaii pool skating. check out his feet flapping off the board, 100% gibo style.
always on the edge - no fear, always injured.
photo: kirk m.


big apple concrete

new york city gets new concrete. located in downtown manhattan. enjoy a session on the hudson river. opening soon? kess would have ruled this park.