new old tiles

the general checks in with the new old tile pool. location: nope
cheers - rhps



3 of our brothers out east. kenzi - the boss of osaka, tsuyoshi - boss of japan and wataru - boss of tokyo. you wanna skate good stuff in japan - roll with the best. cheers.


Merry XMas !

have a good one this year with you and yours.
don't forget to grind.



more n.y. pics of the general

frontside pocket grinder.

rollin' central park.

p.m. revisited

original animal chin searcher - lance mountain. perfect frontside grind on the hip at the infamous pink motel. lance gets better with time.
photo: mrz

far East Coast SUPPORT

our friends matz and yoshi check in with some winter/indoor pics. riding some of our latest decks. rhps support


New Decks for $ale

just arrived the new & improved gdog/neptune decks for sale. a tribute to our old friend j.jessee - based on his o.g. deck art w/a hawaiian twist. printed in metallic gold and gloss black and yes it is screen printed the traditional way. specs are 8.8" wide, 32.8" long, 15.3" wheelbase. it rides real nice with a perfect concave - not too radical. a perfect width (for those who like to ride 8.5" - 9" decks)for the bowl riders, a "punk point" style nose and money bumps for grabbing the rail. a very limited run, the price is: 60.00 us dollars plus 15.00 us domestic shipping or 35.00 international shipping (all shipping usps priority mail). SHIPPING WORLD WIDE to: europe, japan the rest of asia, south america, australia, etc....
email us if you want one at: royalhawaiianpoolservice@gmail.com

respects to j.j., jim p. and the red dot for your inspiration!


the general checks in

the general frontside at arties. one of the best roman end pools, 5 years up and running. photo:peter

backside wheeler in the shallow corner pocket. the general visited NYC for his b-day. pool courtesy of t.farmer and pic courtesy: t.n.

yup there are pools in nyc!

grip it art

our friend ryan did this gonz grip art. looks great - back to the future.