the captain

featured today is one of our original crew members - captain kirk.
the captan was in the trenches with us since day one. he was the first one in the pools cleaning them up and the last one to leave a session. kirk had the lines and stamina to master any pool. power grinds for days.

kirk also went on to be a strong force behind the designing and building of the DECENT skateparks of hawaii. he never settled for second best designs. like he says - "these parks are here for decades so the kids have places to ride, why build crap that no one wants to ride. we only have one shot, so lets make it right."

a lifer of the "rhps - buckets brigade"
keep grinding captain.




our old friends jason and tsuyoshi are having their art show now. if you are in the area check it out. stay strong japan.



hawaii skate structures

here are a few concrete structures that make for good riding. not necessarily made for skating but they do the job when there are no pools.

1. rooftop abstract skate architecture, fun times trying to climb up. once you are up there it's on.

2. miniature golf course bowl. one of a half dozen bowls structures on the abandoned premises. in order to ride them, the astro-turf was peeled away by locals. the irony - we rode this same course back in 1994 when it was being constructed.

3. the general hitting vert @ the mini mt. baldy (6 feet tall). in the mountains of w........

directions to these spots ...... sorry top secret.



Stand Strong Japan

to our brothers in japan, please stand strong.
we are praying for you.

from your brothers of the board,


new stuff for sale soon

thanks for being patient-we are on hawaiian time.
new royal hawaiian goods available soon:
2 new decks and tees.

trust us you will dig the new designs.

decks available in: 8", 8.25", 8.5" and our new custom 9" pool shape aka "The Standard. "
tees available in the usual size range.

stay tuned, we will post up when they are for sale.



corner pocket

9 ball in the corner pocket.
connecting the lines at the p-bowl the one and only general.
if you love backyard pools like us, one of the key features we look for are tight corners and pockets. fast carves while barkin' your trucks on the cope. veteran pool shredders know how to keep momentum through a run. no one hit face-wall runs for the RHPS.

keep it flowing.


owens clan

on the topic of the owens family. we have featured chris owens in the past (brother of gary, legendary hawaii pool pioneer, north shore charger), here is one the best pics to resurface from the vaults: chris at the ORIGINAL DOGBOWL in west l.a. 1977. he was visiting the dt crew that summer and was lucky enough to skate one of the most famous backyard pools in the history books. all those sessions at the pearl city pool, wallows and sunset beach paid off when he got to roll with the dogs that classic summer. stylish backside grinder by one of hawaii's legends.

the family genes live on with chris' son CJ here carving the stairs at the banzai rock skatepark. cj is a good kid with tons of talent in the water and on his 7 ply plank. keep an eye on him to be the next ripper in the line up.

long live the owens clan.



hang five

7 ply heroes.
2 guys who changed the game of skate.
the gonz & jj

"hang - 5"