killer deal on decks

we have a small stack of these supreme decks at a good price. the new price is 45.00 plus shipping. we ship world wide. if you are interested in purchasing one give us an email: royalhawaiianpoolservice@gmail.com



new guest deck on the horizon

you know the show

here is the deck

an homage deck currently in the works to be released next month. growing up in the islands there was only one tv show that featured the 50th state, that was hawaii 5-0. steve mcgarrett, danno, chin ho & crew fought the bad guys every week on the tube. a very special era for hawaii (1960's-70's). some of the old shows featured on location some of the pools we later rode including the infamous poi bowl which the general gary got the tws cover. so this cheesy hawaii police show has ties to the rhps in many ways. this deck has special meaning to us as you can tell.

the "guest" skater is an old friend, he is a seasoned vet pro sk8r'. you all know who he is, rips the bowls and rolls in his custom vintage vehicles. who is he you ask? not yet - to be announced soon............

***this one will be a collectors deck BUT not at a collectors price.

buk 'em braddah


sept. 2011

we grew up with thrasher since the first issue. in many ways living in the middle of the pacific it was our only connection to what was happening in skating. skateboarder, action now had folded and tws was yet to launch. we studied the pics to learn new moves, mail ordered our gear and made home made thrasher tees ( we couldn't afford them). as the 80's progressed we became friends with the staff and did features with kevin thatcher (the original editior) and mofo.

as the sport progressed and we were the old, we read the zine less. but our respect to high speed productions/thrasher remained loyal. "skate and destroy" is still our motto and we still always check the indy add first on the last page. cheers to decades of showing us how to skate and live the lifestyle. r.i.p. fausto.

*on that homage note, the new cover rips. front truck nose grind by dill - a trick we will never attempt but radical by all means.

"shaka and destroy"


down under

our friends in australia check in with their newly decorated rhps "stenciled" ramp. excellent work - note the side ramp "neptune" stencil. i dig the checkerboard mock tiles. supreme skills by dave!

splinters and sweepers



an homage to our old friends sma. no biting here - just a simple design to honor our uncle skip. long live the sma crew. design by: k.j.



black john and crew

our old pal john lucero - proprietor of black label and emergency rocking an og rhps cap and his crew member is wearing one of our classic original tiki tees which are being reprinted as we speak (first time in a decade). cheers to john and the label!
photo: mrz



the old & the new

our original tiki design from 1988. blast from the past

our new 2011 shaka power design.

releasing for sale very soon. 2 new tees for the summer. the old and the new - still current after all these years. sk8 core designs for the like minded.

support your loco pool skater


80's day at the p-motel

brandon p. frontside boneless one - on a skater gator deck.

old guy line up: mcgill, hosoi, lance and sal

lance frontside boost off the extension.

salbra slob air

c.h. - slash wayback layback.

recent session at the notorious pink motel in socal.
pics from skateboarder magazine.