max 4Q decks for sale

we just got in a very small stack of these very limited collectable decks for a very limited time. yup, it's the "guest deck" for our buddy max schaaf available hardly anywhere, so grab it now. max has skated for decades with power and style and his bike works are on the next level. here is our deck giving our "tip of the hat" to him.

we have a few left in 8.5" and our custom 9" standard pool shape. high quality 7 ply maple and quality HAND SCREEN PRINTED by chicken - no cheapy heat transfers. the price per deck is 58.00 plus shipping. we ship worldwide. email us if you want to purchase one at: royalhawaiianpoolservice@gmail.com

big thanks to max for doing this board with us!

shaka 4Q fahka



we've been waiting for over 2 decades for these. coming very soon.......

shaka fahka


old sticker

an oldy but goody from texas. empty pool sticker from the easy rollers.




way back in the day during the mid to late 70's in hawaii there was one pool in particular that was getting a lot of coverage in the o.g. skateboarder magazine, what pool you ask - the legendary pearl city pool. a kinked, steep and leaking right hand kidney was ripped by the brave. this was a permission pool, only thing you had to pay a fee to ride ......a few pocket shillings. here we have our old friend jasper warren blasting a classic front-side aerial. note his original vans eras and the norcon pads.

"hawaii pool history 101"


lance boosting backside. pic:bk

old school f-side carve @ ridiculous. notice hand on rail placement: style master. fedora hat ala mad dog alva. pic: b. frick.

decades deep - only getting better like fine wine.
tip of the hat to mr. mountain.



brothers from different mothers

old old friends of the rhps ~ the one and only "back to back world champ" pony boy (eric d) and the "pirate at large" (jason j). two of the best from the 80's and still hanging in there today. a little heavier and grey hairs but they still hold weight. skate culture kings who have been the blueprint for generations.

eric - best salad grinds (his signature trick)
jj - best anything to fakie (methods & andrechts/inverts)

photo: vans.

never grow oldy

the secret bowl of hawaii

fun little slash bowl built for the kids and the BIG kids. located in the backyard of the place next to the other place near the big tree with mangos and coconut trees next to it. if you get lost turn left at the corner store and head south for 315 miles or just call them at ph#888-get-lost, ask for the "no joke moke."
see you there for the session.



2011 "guest deck" - max !

so here are the details from our previous post...

releasing in a few weeks we have a special guest deck for our buddy max schaaf. long time vertical ripper and era correct 2 wheel builder, he has gone the distance and back to prove his longevity in the game. we appreciate max's creative work and skate history - so here it is, the rhps/schaax custom designed guest model. we wanted to tie the art into one of tv shows that helped define hawaii in the 60's and 70's. the one and only o.g. steve mcgarrett returns on the well known 4q chopp ripping it up in the green room drawn by our friend jason t. in a style that fits: r. griffin inspired. these decks will release in a very limited small run. collect them or grip & rip them. offered in various sizes at a handful of select shops and direct from us.

"buk um max-o"


neu wave

"Kung-fu, I've almost made it respectable.
You see I can't always get through to you so I go for your sons.
Skateboards, that was one of my good ones.
What's a few broken bones when we all know it's good clean fun?"
-Joe Jackson 1979



ninja man

one of the notorious skate architectures of honolulu. the ninja man of the night makes his moves - bert slash barefoot.

"take nothing but pictures, leave noting but wheel-marks"


"hollywood" back in the day

bulky getting down in with a stylish tuck-knee wheeler. as salba has told us many times - steve olson was the first punk rock skater (slightly before DP and associates). olson planted the seed to what has become the look/lifestyle of mall rats for the last few decades. note: one of the earliest suicidal tendencies sticker on his deck.

circa early 80's / photo: glen e. friedman

respects to steve


100% Pool Skater T-shirts

we have a small stack of these limited 100% Pool Skater tees in stock. sizes medium and large available in black and navy. printed in metallic "silver flake" ink. $22.00 us dollars plus shipping. we ship worldwide. email if interested: royalhawaiianpoolservice@gmail.com

stand proud in a crowd - let 'em know with pool pride (pool skater NOT street skater).