introducing: shaka fahka wheels

a project we have been wanting to do for a few years has arrived ..... so here is our take on how wheels should be. you want fast, long lasting, grippy, ATTITUDE wheels ... here they are: Shaka Fahka Wheels by RHPS!

We designed these wheels to work well in the pools, parks, ditches, masonite or just cruising the streets. 99a harness (not too soft not too hard) that retain their durometer with time. we were tired of riding wheels that wore out fast and sloppy in critical situations. we wanted a wheel that gripped during radical moves and slid when we wanted slash. the shape has a nice medium-wide riding surface and a classic tapered conical edge (good for coping contact).

available in: 55mm, 58mm, 60mm

price: only $28.00 us dollars.

if ya want a pair, email us at:

fahka fast wheels.



help hackett

our old friend dave hackett just battled cancer and won. we all know hack as the fearless slasher of the cope, he needs our help now. the after math has left him with a huge medical bill - 100k. if you have extra funds and the kindness to help out, please visit:

glad you are still with us dave, stay strong brother.


alva for the genreal

t.a. quoted from back in the day. who is insane ..... the one and only general. check this classic pic of gary - "micro micro" edger with scanner headphones and jimmy'z spandex!did he pull off the edger .... of course he did. fearless.


we get by with a little help from our friends