we still have wheels for sale

we still have a limited supply of our new "Shaka Fahka" Wheels in stock for sale. available in sizes: 55, 58 and 60mm. they are 99a hardness - perfect for bowl riding with the right amount of grip. designed to last many many many sessions.

price per set is: $28.00 plus shipping (5.00 for us domestic orders).

email if you want to buy a set:
killer for holiday gifts for the ripper in your family.


ps- ***shaka fahka t-shirts soon ....



after many good years of tsuyoshi's bowl - it has come to an end. in our books this was the best ramp, very fast and it felt like riding a roller coaster pool.
what's next ???? new sh*t of course !



style points

wanna look this good skating?
make sure to buy our gear!

just kidding here we have our handsome model the General at the banzai park sporting our latest goods: "Shaka Fahka" wheels and our "Vans collab shoe." he is also riding one of our 7ply masterpieces.