We got this image from a friend awhile back. Thinking of turning a version of this custom pool cover/medallion into an RHPS brass belt buckle. Email us on our store page to let us know what you think.

A quarter of a century ago.

I just dug up these 2 pics that were buried for a long long time. Before I tell you who they are - take a quick guess..............

The pic on the left is Bo Ikeda (team: Hosoi, Vision, Acme, etc.)and the pic on the right is Jef Hartsel (team :Alva, World Industries, H.I.C., etc.).

Bo's pic was taken at the Promenade in Santa Monica 1986. Yeah, I know this is a web for pool skaters BUT Bo is an old friend from Hawaii and he skates pools pretty damn well. Here he is trying a pioneering rail slide with blond hair.

Hart's pic was taken around '84-'85 at the infamous Dinosaur Dean's Ramp on the North Shore. Classic Independent Air. Pre: dread locks, funny thing is - Jef still looks the same today.

They both went on to become big professionals in the 7-ply industry. The cool thing about these pics is they were taken during a simple time when they were just Bo and Jef to us. Today they both still rip and are some of the most humble people on this Earth.



Anthony "the hair" Farmer.
Recently turned 40 (the new "20" he claims) still skates pools better than we could ever dream of. He has been a friend for 2 decades, great skate memories. Here is his first published pic ever from Thrasher, "contents page" March 1991. back to the future

Wataru Rocks.

Wataru - Team RHPS. The KING of front side Rock & Rolls. Elvis resides in Japan.



Steven Alba has been a long time friend of the RHPS. We first met Steve back at the Big O / Hester Series contest in 1978. This was during the time of the birth of Independent Truck Co., Punk Rock & Progressive Skating. Steve was one of those "bratty kids" whose funny hairdo and progressive thinking helped inspire those of us who lived on a very tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Today, Salba Saurus-Rex still lives on his home turf: Upland, So. Calif. Still skating like it was 1977, he is now a husband, father of 2 sons, baseball coach, musician, community activist and a lifetime member of the D-EVOlutionist Movement.


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Pics of some Friends

Thanks for your support.


Venice Beach, So. Calif. 2009

Growing up in my early years, Venice Beach, Calif was THE place to skateboard. From the birth of D.T. in the 70's to it's second coming in the 80's, this small stretch of beach produced some of the world's best and original skaters. We all know the stories and the names.
Fast forward to 2009, the next generation of D.T. lives on with the arrival of their new park. Looks like a great park for families and generations of riders to enjoy.

The park is dedicated in memory of Dennis "Polar Bear" Agnew, one of the greatest to roll on 4 wheels.
photo courtesy of: Bart Saric

Frontside Grind Time

RHPS - Team Rider: Kenji Kumeda @ The Lost Skate Park. Doesn't get any better than this. Cheers

Mr. G.O. going to work. Notice his "Shaka" for the camera.
both photos by: T.N.


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We finally have our new store up and running. The hardest brand to find is now available here. Click on the link in the upper right and it will take you to our store. We are adding new products daily. PayPal only for now. Cheers - RHPS



Day One, BLo.g. #1

Spring 2009, marks The Royal Hawaiian Pool Service's 21st Anniversary.
Yup, we are finally legal.
To kick off this celebration we decided to keep up with the times with our new blog and an end to the old site. We will keep the mindless "yadda yadda yadda" to a minimum and give you the straight facts.
Please check in for: new products, pics & events.
Thank you for your continued SUPPORT - RHPS, Est.'88

Below is the deck that started it all, the 1st RHPS proto-type from 1988.
check the: rip grip, rails and custom sticker collage .... ruling!